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Dora Lewis


manufacturing and packaging for your music and video needs

Order custom pull up banners to promote and sell your new CD or DVD.

Graphic Design
Promotional Items

CD/DVD Replication & Duplication

There are two different ways to copy discs.  Replication and duplication refer to how your CD or DVD is manufactured.  Replicated discs involve physically pressing your data into the surface of a disc.  Duplicated discs encode your data onto a specially manufactured recordable CD or DVD disc.  Replicated discs are preferred for large quantities whereas duplicated discs are a great solution for small runs.

CD Replication

Small Run CD Duplication

DVD Replication

DVD Duplication

In-house Graphic Design

Posters, Banners & Merch

Get noticed with pull up banners.

Make a lasting impression with durable pull up promotional banners. Quality, customized and delivered on time to draw attention to your brand.